HP Z600 Workstation

HP workstations are built like tanks!

New (to me) HP Z600 Workstation!

Although I got this dual Xeon 12 core / 24 thread beast about a year ago, it was mostly used as a Window 10 Pro machine running an Ubuntu Virtualbox VM to control Ansible development, and other things that needed Windows e.g. gaming. However, I soon ran into the fact that Virtualbox only supports nested virtualization with AMD processors, meaning that I wouldn’t be able to use docker-machine to create docker hosts without losing the convenience of Virtualbox by going with Hyper-V… at least without rebooting.

After some research on Docker performance in various OSs, it became apparent that I needed to go native Linux. Installing Ubuntu 18.04 on a separate SSD was trivial, but some finangling was required to configure GRUB and ensuring it was connected to the primary SATA port. I also had some fun installing drivers for a WiFi adapter but other than that having a native Linux workstation is so worth it! I always maintained that using a VM as a development environment was the way to go, but the difference between this and my Hackintosh laptop with its 8th generation Intel CPU and NVMe drive is very noticeable.

Written on September 3, 2019